10 Breathtaking Scenes Across The World

Glacier National Park

#5 Glacier National Park

The national park got the name after the Glaciers that helped to form the rock formation which is the standout. Spread over 730 miles the glacier will steal your breath with peaks, isolated alpine lakes and abundant wildlife. The climatic change has also took its toll on the glaciers that they have been reduced to just 26 in number while there were around 150 during the 18th century.

Galapagos Island

#4 Underwater at the Galapagos Islands

The clear blue waters of Galapagos Islands will give you a first impression of an ocean of emerald. The naturalist Charles Darwin stopped on this island not only to enjoy the visual ecstasy but also to study about the diversified flora and fauna. The giant sea tortoise, marine iguana, penguins, sea otters, dolphins and sharks are only some of the inhabitants that cannot be spotted anywhere else on the planet.
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