10 Breathtaking Scenes Across The World

Earth from space
#3 Earth from Space

You cannot enjoy the beauty of earth as a whole unless you move out to space. And the view of mother earth for sure will find a place close to your heart. Not many of us may not get a chance but the description of Yuri Gagarin is good enough to visualize that earthly beauty. "There was a good view of the Earth which had a very distinct and pretty blue halo. It had a smooth transition from pale blue, blue, dark blue, violet and absolutely black. It was a magnificent picture"

Sistine Chapel
#2 The Sistine Chapel Ceiling

The work of Michelangelo, the one who brought renaissance in art still remains unchallenged to the core. The paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel have more than 400 figures and took the artist four years to complete it. The art work falls in the category of fresco which is a technique in which the artist paints on wet plaster, forming a bond causing the paint to actually become part of the surface. The master piece of art is for sure to glue your eyes to the scene.

Northern Light
#1 Northern Lights

The aura of multi-colored lights in the Northern Hemisphere's polar region can compared to an artist who spilled his paint bucket. The visual feast has green, white, purple and red glowing "curtains" blanketing the dark clear skies and is the result of the energetic particles, mostly electrons, entering the Earth's upper atmosphere from the magnetosphere. A travel to Canada, Alaska or Scandinavia during the winter will get you a chance to enjoy the beauty beyond explanation.
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