10 Most Famous and Biggest Dams in India

Bisalpur Dam
Bisalpur Dam Rajasthan

Bisalpur is famous for the Old Lord Gokarneswar temple. The Bisalpur Dam constructed across the Banas River is another important attraction in the region. The dam was built in two phases. The 1st phase aimed at providing drinking water to the villagers, while the 2nd phase concentrated on improving the irrigation facilities. The Bisalpur Dam measures 574 m in length and 39.5 m in height.

The greatest dam of Rajasthan-Bisalpur, located in Tonk District of Rajasthan. The dam is built across the Banas River between two mountains. The largest dam of Rajasthan-Bisalpur with a height of 39m is one of the honor of Rajasthan.Tonk dam attract vast variety of birds local as well as migratory.

River: Banas River
Height: 130 ft.
Length: 1883 ft
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