10 Most Famous and Biggest Dams in India

The Krishna Raja Sagara Dam
Krishnarajasagar Dam mysore karnataka

The Krishna Raja Sagara Dam (KRS Dam) was built across river Kaveri, the life giving river for the Mysore and Mandya districts, in 1924. Apart from being the main source of water for irrigation in the most fertile Mysore and Mandya, the reservoir is the main source of drinking water for all of Mysore city and almost the whole of Bangalore city, the capital of the state of Karnataka.

Krishnarajasagar dam built across Kaveri River near Mysore in Karnataka. It is one of the principal and largest dam built on the river Kaveri in Karnatakain, South India. The Kaveri is one of the major river in India, also referred as the Dakshina Ganga. There is a Famous Brindavan Gardens attached to the dam, its a part of the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam and is one of the most beautiful gardens in Mysore.

River: Kaveri River
Location: Karnataka
Height: 125 feet
Length: 3.5km
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