10 Most Scenic Train Journeys in the World

Talyllyn Railway (United Kingdom):
Scenic Train Journeys

"It is a relic, this railway, a bit of ornamental scrollwork lifted from the pattern of yesterday and kept, as a memento," said Carson Davidson about this railway in his film Railway with a Heart of Gold. The Talyllyn Railway is a narrow gauge train running on a 2 ft 3 inches gauge built in 1865. Most of the carriers are the original ones from its first run. The train passes through the beautiful Fathew Valley in a slow pace, at less than nine miles per hour. The slow moving train invokes in the traveler a desire for an unhurried, laid-back life and allows enough time to feast on the spectacular beauty of the Fathew Valley. The pace of the train complements the pace of life in the Mid-Wales countryside. In the course of the journey, the train also passes by the Dolgoch Falls.

Glacier Express (Switzerland):
Scenic Train Journeys

This train travels from mountain resort of St. Moritz to the mountain resort of Zermatt, both located in the Swiss Alps. A seven hour journey, it takes you through 'untouched mountain landscapes, glamorous health resorts, deep gorges, delightful valleys, 91 tunnels and across 291 impressive bridges.' On top of that a three course meal and exotic drinks! The train travels 291 km in 7 hrs, making it the slowest moving express train. The train also passes through a world heritage site Rhaetian Railway during its journey in the Albula region.
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