10 'Must Visit' Pristine Beaches In 2013

2. Grace Bay:

The 18 Km sweeping stretch of powder soft, ivory-white sand of this beach on the north-east coast of Providenciales is simply breathtaking. The unbelievable crystal clear water, amazing reef, aquatic life, swirling cool breeze, and access to water sports such as parasailing, wind surfing and so on are a true traveler's delight.

3. Whitehaven Beach:

Whitehaven Beach is one of the 'must-see' sand havens on the list. Pristine silica sand, crystal clear aqua water, greenery, perfect weather conditions, and most of all, the fusion of colors when tide shifts, the sand and water are truly remarkable.

4. Baia do Sancho:

Baia do Sancho beach is one of the most amazing sanctuaries of sand and water. The temperature, sea color, marine life, 230 foot craggy cliff, tree carpet on top of the cliff and the volcanic rocks makes it a perfect location to escape from the boredom of day-to-day life.
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