10 'Must Visit' Pristine Beaches In 2013

Bangalore: Beaches are among the most fascinating natural wonders of the world. In short, it can be described as 'Heaven on Earth' and only a few luxuries on the planet can be compared to the time spent in sun, sand and sea. The combination of crystal clear waters, the warmth of sand and freshness of air are truly divine.
Relax and take a look at the handpicked list of some of the most extraordinary, un-spoilt, and the most beautiful beaches in the world, as listed by Karishma Rajani for Luxpresso.
1. Rabbit Beach:

This archipelago off the cost of Lampesuda, Italy, is a natural marvel. The stunning pristine waters, white sands, and remoteness are the USP of this beauty. The magnificence and natural looks of this beach are truly lust worthy and really worth appreciating.
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