10 Unique Things to Experience in India

Bangalore: Taj Mahal, The Gateway of India, Monuments, Backwaters and exotic beaches are not the only thing to experience when travelling in India. There are numerous wonderful things to explore in India which are unique and exemplary in its own way. Here is the list of 10 unique experiences which will leave you spellbound, as listed by Hotels.com.

Yak Safari
Where to go: Sikkim


Take a ride on one of the most exotic animals, the yak, and explore the pristine beauty of Sikkim in a rustic way. Yak Safari is a unique and one of a kind thing to experience in India. Such safari is organized in various parts of Sikkim. The best trail to enjoy this unforgettable safari is from Dzongri to Tsomgo Lake, which is one of the most preferred routes among travelers. This spectacular safari is packed with outstanding views of Himalayan Mountains, glaciers, valleys and many such beautiful trails.
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Reader's comments(4)
1: wow.....what a post ...amazing
Posted by: vishnu joshi - 28 Feb, 2013
2: srry..but pushkar is near to ajmer district not near jaislmer please correct the info..
Posted by: Jitendra Tekwani - 14 Dec, 2012
3: The basic definition of "unique" is "Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else."

So when I saw "unique" in the title of this article, I wasn't expecting 7 or 8 of the things mentioned to be things I can do and/or have done in other countries.
Posted by: MC - 08 Dec, 2012
4: Both these places and pictures are too good.
Posted by: Gopal - 07 Dec, 2012