10 Unique Things to Experience in India

Hot air balloon ride
Where to go: New Delhi


This newly introduced hot air balloon ride is gaining popularity in India. Tourists as well as locals are getting attracted towards this adventurous ride in New Delhi where many adventurous clubs are offering this joyous ride to give you an ultimate experience. In this hot air balloon ride, you can witness the virgin beauty of early morning sunrise and the romantic sunset in the evening. Such rides last upto an hour and the ideal time to enjoy this ride is between September and March.
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Reader's comments(4)
1: wow.....what a post ...amazing
Posted by: vishnu joshi - 28 Feb, 2013
2: srry..but pushkar is near to ajmer district not near jaislmer please correct the info..
Posted by: Jitendra Tekwani - 14 Dec, 2012
3: The basic definition of "unique" is "Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else."

So when I saw "unique" in the title of this article, I wasn't expecting 7 or 8 of the things mentioned to be things I can do and/or have done in other countries.
Posted by: MC - 08 Dec, 2012
4: Both these places and pictures are too good.
Posted by: Gopal - 07 Dec, 2012