10 Unique Things to Experience in India

Rural Olympics
Where to go: Punjab


Rural Olympics or the Kila Raipur Rural Olympics takes place in the freezing month of February in Punjab. Have you ever imagine yourself sitting in a rustic stadium with dust and thousands of people surrounding you? If not, then you should experience the Rural Olympics to get the original taste of Punjab. Some of the most adventurous activities in this Olympic include bullock cart race, horse dance, tractor race and dog race to name a few. This event lasts for three days and also there are activities for men like hockey matches, weight lifting, riding a horse carriage in a standing posture and so on to display their skill and strength. The last day of this festival ends with folk theaters, traditional song and dance performance and last but not the least, mouth watery Punjabi delicacies.
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1: wow.....what a post ...amazing
Posted by: vishnu joshi - 28 Feb, 2013
2: srry..but pushkar is near to ajmer district not near jaislmer please correct the info..
Posted by: Jitendra Tekwani - 14 Dec, 2012
3: The basic definition of "unique" is "Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else."

So when I saw "unique" in the title of this article, I wasn't expecting 7 or 8 of the things mentioned to be things I can do and/or have done in other countries.
Posted by: MC - 08 Dec, 2012
4: Both these places and pictures are too good.
Posted by: Gopal - 07 Dec, 2012