5 Elite Cities Where Maximum Billionaires Reside

We have seen, heard and spoken a lot about billionaires and their wealth. Their class, style, fashion statements and disasters, both are taken down into history! Apart from people and products, lets look at the metros that are shimmering with wealth, their lush lifestyle, compared to the other places around the globe.
Therefore, glance your eyeballs quickly through these five cities; where not only the billionaires reside, but the cities are also known for their wealth.


Russia's capital city boasts of Seventy-nine billionaires! Well, we don't get to see all of them, but we can read on. The city also brags about their huge reserve of mining and energy resources. Some of the popular billionaires include Roman Baranovichi; an oilindustrialist and Vladimir Lisin and Alexei Mordashov , who have contributed largely to the economy with their steel businesses. The grand worth of the city billionaires is $375.3 billion. Moscow is one of the cities that boasts of private wealth, reports Elite Daily.
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