5 Elite Cities Where Maximum Billionaires Reside

New York City

The 'City that Never Sleeps' ranks second in the list. A total of fifty-nine billionaires residing in the city, are ones who can easily afford another home in this big city. The famous names residing the city are Donald Trump; popular television personality and real estate tycoon, fashion designer Ralph Lauren and administrator of the city Michael Bloomberg himself, reports Elite Daily. The capital city of the wealthy giants, the U.S.; the place is flooded with food, nightlife and casinos.The city looks like a princess ensemble at her best with various hues, with a golden touch; at night.

Enrnst& Young,Deustche Bank, Blooomberg are few examples of companies contributing to the large economy. The combined worth of the billionaires is summed upto $220.8 Billion. Andrey Melnichenko, the richest man of Moscow possesses his second home here.

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