5 Most Vibrant and Scenic Gardens of India

Mughal Garden

A group of marvelous gardens built by the Mughals taking inspiration from the Islamic style of architecture, Mughal Garden is a must visit place in New Delhi. The diverse and stunning variety of flowers, plants and fountains gives it a soothing and vibrant look.
According to Julie Scott Meisami the medieval Islamic garden is ''a hortus conclusus, walled off and protected from the outside world; within, its design was rigidly formal, and its inner space was filled with those elements that man finds most pleasing in nature. It's essential features included running water (perhaps the most important element) and a pool to reflect the beauties of sky and garden; trees of various sorts, some to provide shade merely, and others to produce fruits; flowers, colorful and sweet-smelling; grass, usually growing wild under the trees; birds to fill the garden with song; the whole cooled by a pleasant breeze. The garden might include a raised hillock at the center, reminiscent of the mountain at the center of the universe in cosmological descriptions, and often surmounted by a pavilion or palace'', as reported by Wikipedia.
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