5 popular Buddhist Monasteries in Northern India

Buddhist Monasteries
Mindrolling Monastery, Dehradun
Considered as one of the most popular Buddhist Monasteries in Northern India, Mindrolling Monastery of Dehradun was reestablished in 1976.

Measured as the biggest: Buddhist center points in India, the Mindrolling Religious community are sited in the foothills of the Himalayas on the Forbearing town which is near to Rajaji National Stop in Dehradun region of Uttarakhand.

Gripping a fantastically figurine of Lord Buddha with a rise of 107 feet, the Buddhist Religious community forenamed as Mindrolling of Dehradun is one of the superior vacation spots with a tremendous compositional exhibition. Considered as the biggest Buddhist organizations in India, the religious community which is decently distinguished as the Nyingma School in Tibet, the monastery is standout amongst the most acclaimed visitor ends of the line since, the biggest Stupa of the world was raised in 2002.
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