5 Reason Why You Should Visit Jaipur

Jaipur : The largest city of Royal state of Rajasthan, the 18th century maharajas as the country's first urban grid, the facades that known as the pink city, Jaipur was painted for the British Royal visit. Harmonize with enriching art that lives proudly within the walls of the classic holiday destination. The city is brimming with art, history and culture that improved with an endless number of modifiers where its aesthetics is more than just a facade.

Though, the entry point to Rajasthan's legendary desert is enfolding in dust and modernization's by chaotic sprawl yet impressive structures of defining landmarks squeeze the city Jaipur with their awestruck magnificence. There are various variables that attracts tourist to its terra firma. Unquestionably; the city has a decent abundance of heritage that needs to be explored.

1) Forts : An affectionately referred as the Pink City due to its pink walls and buildings of the old city, the city grabs its tourist with its dazzling remainders of a past period.

Forts in Jaipur
The most famous Jaipur attractions and spots to visit are the old-fashioned royal residences and fortifications with fancy structural planning that serves a sublime indication of their regal legacy.

Explore the magnificence of forts and fortresses in and around the city. Among the guests most target fort, specifically; Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh Fort are the paradigm where one should enjoy an opportunity of an elephant ride to hilltop Amber Fort and even the Jali Mahal has an ideal adoration structure, a huge set of fortresses best arrived by elephant ride.

2) Palaces : Unquestionably, the city Jaipur has turned into the town of Weekend interim for a number of individuals in view of its wonderfully assembled castles. Simplicity may be a lifestyle and the royal residences are a treat to the eyes.

Palaces in Jaipur
A perfect spot to meet your desire, overlaid previous castles and the botanical painted chateaus known as Havelis is one spot where voyagers can get an opportunity to carry on with the way of life of previous royals at one of the palace turned hotels like Rambagh Palace Hotel, Jai Mahal Palace, The Raj Palace Hotel, newly restored Samode Palace, Samode Haveli, Raj Mahal Palace, Narain Niwas Palace, Alsisar Havell, Charming heritage hotels Shahpura House, affordable prices Kandwa Haveli and various others palaces like City Castle, Hawa Mahal Royal residence of the Winds lies in the city.

3) The Pink City : As indicated by the history, the city Jaipur solely utilized the pink shade stone for the development of every last one of structures. Any individual who has seen the city can substantiate the way that all the structures of Jaipur are pink in color.

Jaipur Pink City
According to the history, the city Jaipur exclusively used the pink color stone for the construction of all the structures. Anyone who has witnessed the city can substantiate the fact that all the buildings of Jaipur are pink in color.

In 1876, since the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria visited India on a tour the King Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur painted the entire city pink in color to welcome the visitors. For a considerable length of time, the Pink city of Jaipur has been an incredible center point of expressions and art. The tourists can get an opportunity to buy gem at the Johari Bazaar, Jaipur where the stores of the leading local are Anokhi Clothes Company as well as its Museum of Hand Printing are the best spots to obtain a safer and equally dazzling specialty.

4) Festivals : An unparalleled state, Rajasthan is well popular for its festivals every year. The city celebrates a host of festivals like; Teej festival, Kite Festivals and Gangaur festival. In recent years, the city has become witness to Literature Festival attended by numerous authors of repute.

Festivals in Jaipur
Each one late spring, Jaipur blasts with red-topped turbans, painted elephants, Camel Celebration Camel Celebration, Beneshwar Reasonable, Nagaur Reasonable, Desert Celebration, tattooed ladies and whirling mustaches festival of Teej in the month of July to August, Gangaur a celebration committed to the Hindu god Parvati and her union with Shiva and numerous worldwide flavor celebrations, winter's DSC Jaipur Literature Festival has grown into Asia's most prestigious celebration of local and international writing, with gatherings held over five nights beneath rainbow-streamed tents so far.

5) The Heritage Monuments : The Jaipur city has a decent abundance of heritage that needs to be investigated. Among the must visit heritage spots of Jaipur; the Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar are on top of the list.

Jaipur Heritage Monuments
Among the several other reasons to visit, one can anytime start their explorations of the Old City with a walking tour arranged through the Jaipur Virasat heritage foundation which offers extraordinary access to sanctuaries and skilled craftsman workshops, one shouldn't miss the Royal Palaces of the Winds, Jaipur's multiwindowed ex-collection of mistresses turned city symbol. On the other side; bejeweled bangle bazaars is just spellbinding where its back lane is still organized by occupation in open-air league of brass workers, marble masons and bounty of confectioners.
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