5 Refreshing Natural Wonders Of India

5. Valley of Flowers - Uttarakhand

Known as the Valley of Flowers National Park, these renowned meadows are covered with alpine flowers and a variety of flora are found there. This area is also home to rare and endangered animals like the Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, brown bear and blue sheep.
The snowcapped mountains, waterfalls and shiny streams make this place of Uttarakhand, one of the most attractive tourist destinations.

The flowers are said to bloom from the months of August to September. To reach this place tourists have to trek by foot for at least 17kms.

The Valley of Flowers is a high altitude Himalayan valley acknowledged by renowned mountaineers and botanists. It was declared as a national park in 1982 and now it is a World Heritage Site.
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1: Very nice list of natural wonders.
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Posted by: Peter - 19 Jan, 2014
2: Lovely piece of writing. Makes me want to explore these beautiful places soon.
Posted by: Deep - 01 Jun, 2013