6 Most Exotic Adventure Trips in India

2. Spot the Asiatic Lion at Sasan Gir, Gujarat


Sasan Gir Lion Sanctuary in Gujarat is spectacular place to visit. You were lucky to spot a tiger at Ranthambore, cheetahs and wild elephants at Periyar, but not the King of the Jungle - the Lion. The indescribable and royal Asiatic Lion, the last defender of this species roams free at Sasan Gir. You can take early morning and late afternoon jeep safaris there. These safaris take you to the dry deciduous forest and also provide you experienced guides who can lead you to the places where the lions are. This is a real thrilling experience you can have in Gujarat.
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1: Nice. There very beautiful places in Himachal pradesh as well. There is small town Nahan, an all weahter small hill station. about 16 km from Kala amb(some nice hotels like Ashwin hotel) and 90 km from Chandigarh, 65 km from ambala, 7 km from Dehradoon. 135 km from shimla.
Posted by: RahulChauhan - 24 Sep, 2012