6 Most Exotic Adventure Trips in India

3. Glacier Trek from Gangotri, Uttarakhand


Gaumukh Glacier in Gangotri is the highest reaches in Uttarakhand. This trek walks side by side with the river Bhagirathi and goes till the source of the river, which is popularly known as Gaumukh (Cow's Snout), which is also the base of the Gaumukh Glacier. This trek involves mountain climbing, glacier traverse and rock climbing, which is the prime reason for you visit Gaumukh Glacier. The Gaumukh Glacier forms into the sacred Ganges River at Devprayag where it meets the Alakananda River. It is a 14 Km trek from Gangotri for Bhowasa and the Glacier is another 4 Km trek from here.
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1: Nice. There very beautiful places in Himachal pradesh as well. There is small town Nahan, an all weahter small hill station. about 16 km from Kala amb(some nice hotels like Ashwin hotel) and 90 km from Chandigarh, 65 km from ambala, 7 km from Dehradoon. 135 km from shimla.
Posted by: RahulChauhan - 24 Sep, 2012