7 Amazing Floating Attractions In The World

BANGALORE: Human beings with their brains have built many architectures right from the history till now. There are many places that have some attractions but no worldwide attractions are quite as amazing as the floating attractions on this list. Most of these attractions are manmade and represent the cleverness of their creators, while others symbolize the insistence and beauty of nature.
Here are some of the amazing floating tourist attractions throughout the world:
1. Viva
Wondering what is Viva? It is nothing but an island and it is considered as the world's largest artificial solar-powered floating island. It is a beautiful creation by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and it is part of a group of three man-made islands located in South Korea.
It is a commercially viable location for tourism and trade. Located on Seoul's Han River, this island cost over 60 million Euros to complete.
This island is a sure shot attraction for visitors to Seoul, because it has enough space for separate centers for water sports, exhibitions, restaurants, conventions and concerts. And unlike many floating attractions around the world, Viva relies entirely on its own buoyancy.
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