7 Amazing Floating Attractions In The World

6. The floating golf course in Maldives
This attraction is not completed yet and it won't open until 2015, once completed it will be the world's first floating 18-hole golf course.
It is located outside the swanky, super rich Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean, and this one is unique because it is built without a significant carbon footprint. So the catch is that, the golf course will use solar energy, water-cooling techniques, sustainable desalination, and many other green-friendly practices.
The design for this course is astonishing as it will include tons of 360-degree oceans views, a practice area for short game, an assortment of putting greens, and even an aquatic driving range. In fact, this course won't just be for sport.
7. The Lake Tahoe Floating Wooden Skateboard Ramp
If you are fond of skating but are scared to land on concrete then the Sierra Nevada Floating Wooden Skateboard Ramp allows you to land in the waters of Lake Tahoe. This 7,300-pound ramp was installed as part of California's Dream 365 tourism campaign. It took around 300 work hours to complete. The first person to skate on it was pro skateboarder Bob Burnquist. Unfortunately, this ramp can't just be used by anyone. Because Lake Tahoe is the USA's second deepest lake, they had a deep sea diver standing by when Burnquist used it. But even if you are not allowed to use it, this floating attraction is still a sight to see.
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