7 Amazing Floating Attractions In The World

4. The Bregenz Floating Stage
How about watching an opera performance at this floating stage in Austria? The stage, which is known as The Seebuhne, is the centerpiece for the Bregenz Festival, a world-renowned opera festival that occurs every year.
The Bregenz Floating Stage is rowed out to Lake Constance every summer, and can sit audiences of around 7,000 people.
The Festival is honored by opera enthusiasts for its set designs and production quality. In 2013, the Bregenz Floating Stage had performances of perhaps the most famous opera in the world, The Magic Flute.
5. The Thailand Archipelago Floating Cinema
This amazing cinema gives a new meaning to the phrase "drive-in movie". It is created by German architect Ole Scheeren and this floating cinema features a huge floating screen sandwiched in-between two towering boulders. There is also an auditorium that floats like a raft, allowing viewers to relax and enjoy the show!
Unfortunately, you may be out of luck if you want to catch a movie here. The last time the cinema was floated was for the Film on the Rochs Yao Noi festival, which took place in the Bay of Bengal. After the festival, the rafts used for the separate auditorium were returned to local fishermen, and the floating cinema was removed. Hopefully the cinema will return for the next festival, but it's all up the cinema's creator.
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