7 Enormous Mountain Passes in India

6. Khardung La Pass: Khardung La being one of the most popular destinations in Leh and also is the gateway to Nubra and Siachen glacier. The pass is at an elevation of 5,602 m (18,380 feet).
The drive to Khardung La can get very rough due to the weather and landslides that frequently happen, but the roads are well maintained. But having a drive to Khardung La is relatively easy when compared to a few other rides in Leh. It is also popular for mountain bike expeditions.
7. Borasu Pass: Borasu Pass is said to divide Uttarakhand from Himachal Pradesh and it is located only a few kilometers from the Tibet border. Borasu Pass or Bara-su is considered as a high mountain pass in the Himalaya Mountains in India with an elevation of 5,450 m (17,881 ft). It was an older route between Har ki Doon valley and Kinnaur valley. During summer the temperature in this mountain pass falls down to 0 degree celcius.
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1: I would like to point out that TANGLANGLA PASS in Himalayas is 17,582' above sea level.BARA la CHALA pass en route to LEH is 16,616' above sea level.These important passes have been omitted by the author
Posted by: CaptPSReddy - 03 May, 2014