7 Heavenly Places to Visit Before They Vanish

BANGALORE: Soaring temperatures, freezing winters, deserted lands, and vanishing water beds-these are the common sight now a days with global warming taking toll on the precious climate of our beloved planet. With destruction due to climatic hazards and vanishing acts of beautiful places happening faster than imagined, nothing remained the same. Let us take a look at some of the beautiful places on earth, which are feared to get lost due to rapid climatic changes.

Maldives: Stunning white sand beaches, colorful breathtaking coral reefs and amazing climate make Maldives truly a heaven on earth. Currently, the beautiful island city is under threat by rapid climatic changes.

Maldives Islands consists of a double chain of twenty-six coral reefs and is the world's lowest-lying nation. The islands are only 1.3 meters above sea level. The residents of the islands are threatened by the rising sea levels. Compared to the last decade, sea levels have raised dangerously and it rises further threatening the existence of this island.
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