7 Heavenly Places to Visit Before They Vanish

Venice: One of the most beautiful places in the world is facing the danger of extinction. The increase in temperatures and the rise of sea levels inviting floods in Venice.

The city of canals is sinking at a fast pace with 16 inches per year and by 2032, the city could sink in by another 3.2 inches, as reported by Discovery News. Imagining a pretty city with its beauty intact because of water is disheartening.

The Alaps: The Alps are the largest mountain chain in Europe covering parts of southeastern France and northern Italy, most of Switzerland, part of southern Germany, and some of Austria and Yugoslavia.

Most travelers consider the towering Alpine peaks, covered with ice and snow, the most magnificent natural sight in Europe. The most craved tourist destination of the world is losing its natural protection, the white cover, the snow. With the fluctuations in temperature, the ice is melting and making the place vulnerable to many climatic hazards. Residents are trying everything possible to reduce the melting, with covering the glacier with white sheets to prevent heat penetrate and so on.
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