World's Most Romantic Honeymoon Getaways

BANGALORE: As honeymoon is one of the most beautiful periods of one's married life, everyone tends to choose the best destination to cherish that moment for lifetime. Often it has been seen that Soothing climate, serene surroundings and beautiful landscape attract honeymooners the most. Recently, Google has released its annual Zeitgeist report on highlighting the wedding destinations and honeymoon locations that trended the most from 2013. Take a sneak peak at these locations ranked as Google's most-searched honeymoon spots over the year.

New Zealand: Looking for the perfect place to begin the rest of your life together-choose? Then it is in New Zealand, the Land of Long White Cloud. It is in this country where you can share with your soul mate one of the best honeymoon. This country's compact size lets one experience dramatic alpine landscapes, quiet pristine beaches, tranquil lakes, stunning vineyards, and more, all in a single day.
Honeymooners can also enjoy over the Canterbury Plains on a scenic flight or sip champagne while floating in a hot-air balloon. Fly in a helicopter to your own secluded Garden of Eden for a 'Heli-picnic' or skydive over beautiful national parks-New Zealand has it all.

Andaman: The eastern coast of India, Andaman is one of the popular destinations for newly wedded couples. The dazzling sandy white beaches and the rich coral life make the place one of the most exotic. The attraction of this place lies in its natural beauty and places like Neil Island, Rangat, Long Island, Limestone Cave are Parrot Island near Baratang are the most eye-catching. You can also enjoy adventurous activities like cruising, scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking, water skiing, windsurfing and speed boating. The picturesque landscape and beautiful climate make the place attractive for the couples.
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1: "periods of life" ----- HAHAHAHHAHAH you defenitely don't mean it ;) right .... its a beautiful time of one's marriage
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