World's Most Romantic Honeymoon Getaways

Maldives: Imagine palm fringed islands cocooned by turquoise water, filled with schools of tropical fishes and shores like castor sugar, yes! Such things make Maldives a heaven on earth, even among honeymooners. An aerial view is the best way to get a perspective of the 1192 islands that make up the Maldives. This is a true exotic location where people can interact with different type of marine species like whale sharks, sea turtles and colorful fishes.
Luxury is one such term that well defines Maldives as most of the resorts subscribe to this category of accommodation. The most amazing thing is the dining in underwater restaurant and kicking back in the over-water spa. Moreover, for Indians, Maldives visa can be acquired on arrival and it gives a permit to stay a maximum of 30 days. It is indeed one of the best places to relax with your partner and rejuvenate.

Thailand: An amazingly diverse Southeast Asian country, Thailand is one of the most romantic places in the world to go for a honeymoon. Whether you like gorgeous beaches, the mountains or even big, cosmopolitan cities, Thailand has everything, supposedly, a couple could dream of. The great Asian food and culture, lush green forest, pristine beaches, and beautiful mountain landscapes, truly define Thailand. Some of the top destinations to go for a honeymoon in Thailand include Phuket, Koh Samui, Phi Phi Island and obviously Bangkok, the astonishing capital. In addition, if you are a night party lover, then this country is a must to visit.
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