World's Most Romantic Honeymoon Getaways

Bali: The Island of Gods, Bali is best known for its 17,500 island that make up Indonesia's archipelago. This exotic land is filled with people from all over the world who dreams of a perfect holiday. The island brings together sun, sand, waves and world class luxury. Then, there are the volcanic mountains, lush green forests and unexplored getaways that leave you astonished.
As a honeymoon destination, Bali's beaches have been rated on par with the Mediterranean wonders of Greece and its delectable cuisine and unique culture leave you wanting for more. Home to some of the world's most luxurious resorts and hotels, a honeymoon in Bali will leave you with memories lasting a lifetime.

Cancun: One of Mexico's most popular beach destinations, Cancun is one of the favorite romantic gateways. Despite its singles-gone-wild, party zone image, Cancun has plenty to offer. The calling cards for couples flying to this island city on the Yucatan peninsula are the sea and the sand (super soft and talcum white). Adventure and culture lovers get a bonus as they can heads off to Cancun's south, along the Riviera Maya, lies a jungle playground filled with freshwater-filled limestone cenotes (sink holes) ideal for rappelling and snorkeling. Moreover, the Mayan-influenced Yucatecan cuisine like grilled corn tortillas, chaya soup and chicken pibil make for an edgy dining scene too.
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