World's Most Romantic Honeymoon Getaways

Tahiti: The tropical island paradise, Tahiti is one of the most romantic honeymoon locations one could possibly choose. Since the Polynesian culture is inviting and friendly, the couple will feels secure and relaxed throughout the honeymoon. Enjoy a delicious evening meal and then walk along a beach in the moonlit night with only the sound of the ocean and wind caressing the palms to disturb you.
It will be hard to resist the warm waters of the many lagoons that surround most of Tahiti's islands, whether it is day or night.

St Lucia: Rising like an emerald tooth from the flat Caribbean Sea, St Lucia definitely is one of the best honeymoon spots. This mountainous island has much more to offer. Rum punch, white sand, crashing waves and stunning vistas are abundantly found. What sets St Lucia apart are its lush forests, striking silhouette of the Piton mountains and adventure opportunities-sharing physical challenges and satisfactions is a great way to begin life together.
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1: "periods of life" ----- HAHAHAHHAHAH you defenitely don't mean it ;) right .... its a beautiful time of one's marriage
Posted by: Aanamika - 04 Apr, 2014