Amazing Backwater Tourist Spots Around Bangalore

Sharavathi Backwaters
Sharavathi Backwaters : A dam which was constructed in 1965 at Linganamakki of sagara taluk in Shivamogga district to the river Sharavathi had turned out to be the most wonderful picnic and a holiday backwater spot in Bangalore. The place is just wonderful after monsoon.

The unhurriedly flowing water of Sharavathi Backwater lies 60 KM away from the city; the spot offers the great display place for swimming, kayaking and many other water sports like boating. A small hill of the place gives the airborne vision of the wonderful place. Today, the backwater covers a lot of evergreen forest and has formed loads of islands. For an adventurer, the place will be immense to discover where thick undergrowth plants tranquilly survive and a lot of feral life exists too.

Honnemaradu : Honnemaradu is a tourist place situated on the back waters of River Sharavathi roughly 25 km away from Sagara. The popular backwater is also called a place of golden sand. Among the distinguished place of water sports, Honnemaradu is one of them in Karnataka.

The place which is filled with adventurer's happiness tenders an ample range of activities be it for small young heart or 60 year olds soul. Though the Honnemaradu is a typical diminutive town lies on the hills, the place has its own charm and attractiveness. In between the huge backwaters there is a little isle that draws the tourist attractions, its birdwatchers ecstasy, large multiplicity of birds and butterflies can grasp your soul away. Honnemaradu is a safe place for water sports as well as many arid sports activities like canoeing, wind rafting and kayaking etc also accessible.
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