Amazing Backwater Tourist Spots Around Bangalore

Holebaagilu : Holebaagilu lies 30 km from Sagara, located on the banks of the Sharavathi River. From Bangalore one had to lead towards B. H. Road and then Ikkeri Road to find there.

The place is splendidly loveliness and it's a representation of the natural exquisiteness. The Sharavathi backwaters of Linganamakki dam have waterlogged acres of land. Visitors have to use flatboat to reach to the backwaters of Sigandooru.

Nevertheless the whole traverse is actually pleasurable, having said that the Madenur underwater Dam stands next to the Linganamakki dam but as a fact, the barrier will be able to observe merely in summer time.

Sigandooru : The three hour journey on Shimoga Express from the city will take you to Talguppa. From Talguppa seize a trek or a jeep to arrive at Honnemaradu then, in a short time one will get to the breathtaking place of Sigandooru.

The place is a pilgrimage of Goddess Chaudeshwari where the divinity Chaudeshwari icon is positioned on the center of the town. The Goddess is extremely believed deity in Sagara and the adjacent taluk as a guardian alongside to robbery and burglary. The holy place sited far away yet holds its own charm and attractiveness towards the tourists. Today, the backwaters place is measured as one of the most gorgeous place to stopover, be it in terms of spirituality or in terms of beauty.
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