Amazing Snowfall Hill Station of India

Auli, Uttarakhand

An extreme stopover, considered as a vital ski goal. A profound in temperature yet, the spot wakes up like a fantasy land. Lies in the Himalayan Mountain state Uttarakhand the "Dev Bhoomi", Auli is found at a height of 2500 to 3050 meters above ocean level.

Considered as an immense place for winter sports, Auli is enclosed by coniferous and oak woodlands with a grand crest of the great mountain range. Diverse climatic condition throughout the year, the spot Auli encased moderately cold Weather from April to September and from October, Auli invites winters with all its glory. From December, Icy Temperature changes from 2 to 10°c where open air exercises oblige winter dresses and frequent snowfall is seen, whereas in January and February the spot is frigid Cool, snow clad nature is imposed with Snowfall. Temperature changes from -4 to 7°c/ 0 to 10°c.
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