Amazing Snowfall Hill Station of India

Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir

World renowned traveller destination, perched at a tallness of 8,957 ft over the ocean level, Pahalgam is one of the perfect snow wonders in the nation. Spotted nearly of 800 kms from Delhi, the shining valley of Pahalgam is characteristic wonder personified.

Its riverside area, snow-topped peaks, solidifying climate conditions' of the snow-crested Himalayan ranges in below zero climate conditions. The hill station is an extraordinary spot for skiing, trekking and many more. Indeed; the genuine enchantment of Pahalgam lies within its quiet long treks. In the middle of March and June, Pahalgam encounters summer with a temperature of 11° C to 25° C, the town gets scanty rainfall from July to September and from October to February is respectably freezing and undeniably receives snowfall with a temperature of 0° C.
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