Amazing Snowfall Hill Station of India

Patnitop, Jammu & Kashmir

A Hilltop tourist destination in the locale of Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir stands decently in the vicinity of Pir Panjal reach, settled in the Lower Himalayan Range. The hill station, which is brimming with plenitude of characteristic excellence, revitalizing sights and of white snow blanket, the renowned slope Patnitop is roosted on an excellent level at a height of 2024 m over the Jammu-Srinagar Parkway passes.

Encompassed by thickly lush Cedar woodlands, Patnitop offers delightful spots, serene strolls and stunning perspectives of the mountains cape of the Chenab basin. Along with skiers and nature lovers, Patnitop enthrall trekkers too.
The month of July, August and September, the town encounter rainstorm. Amid the months of November to February, the town encounters the winter season with overwhelming snowfall. The greatest temperatures amid the winters are 24°c and the base temperatures are 14°C.
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