Best Party Beaches around the World

Bangalore: Michelle Held said "Don't grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach." The beach brings out the child in us, sand castles, endless rows of beach beds, beach umbrellas, hawkers, families, you couple in loves, adventure sports, what is there that one can dislike about the beach.

Once at the beach all you want to do is kickoff your shoes and play around forgetting every worry of the world. Like Meera of Cocktail does in the song "Tumhi Ho Bandhu". Here is a round of 10 best party beaches of the world that awaken the party animal in everyone.

Party Beaches

1. White Beach, Boracay, Philippines

The white sand and the sprawling blue waters is enough to relax anyone. The White Beach has been named aptly as the white sand seems endless and calming. This is one the most popular tourist destination in Philippines. The beach along with its beauty attracts the tourist because of the numerous water sports.
At one point of time this was the perfect beach for all the travelers who were looking to get away from the crowd and noise by now the beach has established itself on the world tourist map. It is also famous worldwide for the happening and wild parties that happen on its shores.

The beach is the place to be at night when the beautiful beach changes into one wild dance floor with fire dancing shows, fireworks, live bands, DJs blasting music from almost all directions and these parties never end. So you wait to see the sun rise and then probably troop of to bed after an exhaustive night at the beach!
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1: i have always loved beaches! loved the White Beach, Boracay, Philippines
Posted by: anu - 17 Aug, 2012