Best seafood restaurants in bangalore

seafood restaurants in bangalore
The Mangalorean style, Kanua features fashionably display the Konkani seafood cuisine.

The traditional coastal dwelling ambience, Kanua Seafoods offer delicious and unbelievable seafood.

Positioned in Sarjapur road the Kanua seafood restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants thus, one must try its incredible seafood cuisine of Mackerel Fry and Seer Fish Fry where the restaurant dessert Pattoli, grate coconut and jaggery pressed between turmeric leaves and steamed is barely implausible and thoughtless.

The Best restaurants to try seafood in Bangalore the Kanua is also known as "A taste of nostalgia". The restaurants have incredible interior decoration and ambience wherein terms of ingredients, method of groundwork, flavor level and accessibility is just outstanding. Every bits and pieces of the restaurant is well enjoyable to the customer be it delicious food or its economical prices.
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Posted by: Mangalore Pearl - 11 May, 2019