Best seafood restaurants in bangalore

seafood restaurants in bangalore
An affordable price and commanding flavor of the PRAWN CRUNCH is simply to pull all the sea food lovers.

Perhaps the best ever place to clutch seafood in the city; Prawn Crunch has won the consideration of seafood lovers.Its significant menu comprised of deep fried seafood is mouthwatering and appetizing. The best ever prawn seafood precisely; Nuke-A-Prawn and Butter-A-Prawn, steam prawn, steam fish, fish sasauage, its fish burger, prawn burger, French fries, vegetable combos, value snacks, value meals, fish vadapav and many more varieties of PRAWN CRUNCH had grips millions of seafood lover soul.

An unparalleled collection of fresh seafood and from customary favorite's exceptional, Quality sloping firm PRAWN CRUNCH established in 2002 and today it spread across in Bangalore Chennai and Hyderabad.
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Posted by: Mangalore Pearl - 11 May, 2019