Best seafood restaurants in bangalore

seafood restaurants in bangalore
Best seafood restaurant especially for Lobster Balchao, Allepey Fish Curry, Crab Milagu Fry and Pomfret Pollichathu, the famous South Indian dishes and is 18 year old seafood Karavalli restaurant lies in the Gateway Hotel.

Considered one of the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants catalog, the Karavalli restaurant recreates its gastronomes of recipes are from the shoreline of Kerala and the entire mode to Goa.

The most desirable eating experiences in the city the South Indian cuisine to the western shoreline, restaurant focus on the regional diversity of the southwest neighborhood. The best of coastal South Indian cuisine Karavalli showcases holds very distinctive tastes and flavors. Behind its idiosyncratic tang and flavors of the Chef Naren Thimmaiah where there is an interesting story him depleted decades and decades exploring on foods from southwest India to Mangalore and to Portuguese to Goa.
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Posted by: Mangalore Pearl - 11 May, 2019