Best wildlife sanctuary in karnataka

wildlife sanctuary in karnataka
Nagarahole wildlife Sanctuary
The Nagarahole wildlife Sanctuary otherwise known as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park is positioned snugly in the Mysore district, roughly 643 kms from the Bandipur national park.

An astonishingly beautiful countryside of the sanctuary is filled with greenery where its wonderful climate persona makes the Nagarahole a very craving place for peace of mind. The jungle safari, camp inside the park, the safari also permit the customary educational camps for children schools however the safaris is blocked throughout the monsoon seasons and the companion seasons.

The Nagarahole wildlife Sanctuary is prominent with animal species comprise of Bengal Fox, Ruddy Mongoose, Indian Elephants, Indian Pangolins, Nilgiri Languor, Tigers, Chital, Leopard Cat, Gaur, the rare four-horned Antelopes elephants.

Rare Birds like King Vultures, Malabar Trogon, Ospreys Indian Pittas, Parakeets, Paradise Flycatchers, Teals, Herons and reptiles like: vine snakes, common wolf snakes, rat snakes, bamboo pit vipers, Russell's viper, common krait, Indian rock python, Harpegnathos saltator, jumping ants approximately; Nagarahole wildlife Sanctuary holds more than 96 wide-ranging species of fertilizer beetles
more than 60 species of ants

The best months to visit is June to September.
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