Best wildlife sanctuary in karnataka

wildlife sanctuary in karnataka
B R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary
The Sanctuary lies in between the Western and the Eastern Ghats of the Cauvery River, sheltered with mixed deciduous forests, the Sanctuary that stands 5,091 feet above the marine level in Kemmannagundi locality, the BR Hills Wildlife Sanctuary stretch in excess of an area of 540 square kilometers.

The Wildlife Sanctuary forenamed as BR Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most sympathetic hubs of a varied species of wildlife where the hill is the personifications of flora and fauna.

Among the major attractions of the BR Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, the world most famous Gaur and dissimilar breeds of Chital live in the BR Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. During the trip in the jeep safari, visitor can spot any wild animals, be it snakes, tiger, Gaur or Chital haphazardly wandering in their natural surroundings.
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