Best wildlife sanctuary in karnataka

wildlife sanctuary in karnataka
Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary
Among the best wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka, The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is famous as the second largest wildlife sanctuary in the state.

The wildlife sanctuary is placed roughly 485 kilometers from the metropolitan city of Bangalore. The place dwells in an area of 5729.07 square kilometers.

The tranquil and passive environment of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is comprises of steep slopes, profound stream valleys and the intriguingly wealthy mountainous forest topography. The blend of characteristic damp deciduous and semi evergreen forest, The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is set in tributaries of the Kaneri, Kali and Nagajhari.
The miscellaneous forest of flora and fauna, the Wildlife Sanctuary Dandeli is extremely rich in bamboo.

Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is dwelling for several fauna's like tigers, the felidae families of leopards, melanistic color of any Panthera species black panthers, gaur, deer, elephants and many varieties of reptiles like Crocodiles and snakes etc where birds like serpent eagle, golden-backed woodpecker, white breasted kingfisher, great pied hornbill, grey hornbill, the Malabar pied hornbills.
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