Dangerous Beaches around the World

Gansbaai, South Africa: Gansbaii is known to be the great white shark capital of the world. Great white sharks are known for their razor-sharp teeth, huge mouths, and prevalent eyes, making them frightening and amusing at the same time.his area houses over 60,000 fur seals.These flabby ocean dwellers make an immensely tasty meal to Great White Sharks, who love these tasty morsels. gansbaai 300x300 Top 10 Most Dangerous Beaches Beautiful white sand and dramatic cliffs with beautiful blue-green water, there seems little dangerous about this oasis – unless you count the Great White Sharks. In fact, it is known as the Great White Shark capital of the world.

Volusia County, Florida:New Smyrna Beach is touted as the shark capital attack of the world as it is one of the most frequented beaches in Florida and people have been swimming and surfing in this beach. But Volusia County in Florida dampens this lively spirit as there have been around 235 unprovoked shark attacks here since 1882. To be more specific, 71 people were killed by lightning in Florida between 1997 and 2006.New Smyrna’s off coast has been witness to the large number of shark attacks more than any beach in the world.
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1: You are very confused about Hawaii. There is no active volcano on the island of Kauai. The active volcano is on the island of Hawaii, and the area where the lava sometimes enters the sea is not called Kilauea
Posted by: SBeth - 07 Nov, 2014
2: The shark attack statistics for Hawaii are also inaccurate. From 1828 to 2013 there have been 129 reports of shark attacks, 9 fatal, across the ENTIRE Hawaiian Island chain.
SBeth replied to: SBeth post - 07 Nov, 2014