Dangerous Beaches around the World

Fraser Island, Australia:The water which is surrounding Fraser Island in southeast Queensland is very dangerous area to visit, unless if you want to swim with sharks and jellyfish as well as combating the flow of high waves. The problem exists not only in water, on land you will meet poisonous spiders are deadly, sea water crocodiles, dingoes and dogs, which reportedly often attack on humans. The deadly sea becomes very dangeours with abundance of sharks and jellyfishes. The outback too is not high and dry with the presence of venomous.

Red Triangle, California:The Red Triangle, is a section of the northern Californian coastline, stretching from Bodega Bay to Big Sur, and it’s the location of 11%of all recorded attacks by great sharks, according to ISAF. Responsible is the large population of marine mammals which attracts them (otters, sea lions and seals).. The Red Triangle is infamous for witnessing 11 percent of all recorded Great White Shark attacks on human beings. No wonder it is off-limits for people.

Bikini Atoll, U.S. Marshall Islands:Do not get fooled by the name because this former beauty was a nuclear testing ground of US for long years.In beach there was widespread radioactive contamination following the 1954 detonation codenamed Castle Bravo, which was much more powerful than predicted by the US. Given the radiation risks, the atoll's Micronesian inhabitants still haven't resettled after all this time. The inhuman tests carried out here were so toxic that people living here have not returned to it.Because the Bikini Atoll bears direct tangible evidence of the nuclear tests conducted there, UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site.
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1: You are very confused about Hawaii. There is no active volcano on the island of Kauai. The active volcano is on the island of Hawaii, and the area where the lava sometimes enters the sea is not called Kilauea
Posted by: SBeth - 07 Nov, 2014
2: The shark attack statistics for Hawaii are also inaccurate. From 1828 to 2013 there have been 129 reports of shark attacks, 9 fatal, across the ENTIRE Hawaiian Island chain.
SBeth replied to: SBeth post - 07 Nov, 2014