Discover the 'Undiscovered' India

Bangalore: Travelers who are passionate about exploring new things, India offers something for them too. There are zillions of undiscovered destinations in India that offer an unforgettable experience to all types of tourists and make India an awe-inspiring nation. There are many such things and places which are still unknown to the vast population. Let's have a glimpse of some of the undiscovered parts of India.

1) Kodinhi: Unusual Village of Twins


Kodinhi is a hamlet in the Malappuram district in Kerala, the land of God's Own Country. Very few people would have heard about this small village but it has managed to grab international attention because of the largest number of multiple births. Sounds unusual? Yes! This Indian village is the home to around 250 set of identical twin births. No wonder, India is an incredible land, reports Undiscovered Indian
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