Discover the 'Undiscovered' India

3) Roopkund: Skeleton Lake


Can you image a frozen Lake full of skulls and bones? If not then Roopkund in Himalaya is the only destination for inquisitive travelers. This snow covered lake is one of the perfect examples of mysterious places in Himalaya. Roopkund or the Skeleton Lake is a glacial Lake in Uttarakhand in Himalaya. This enthralling location grabbed attention after the discovery of over five hundred human skeletons at the edge of the lake. This Lake remains frozen for most of the time but in the summer when snow starts melting, the horrible sight comes out that include bones and human skulls in and around the lake. Besides, Roopkund is a scenic and charming tourist destination in the lap of majestic Himalayas. This place is deserted because of its steep valley which is difficult to inhabit. Trekkers and adventure travelers trail to Roopkund to get a glimpse of enchanting beauty of the place.
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