Hottest B-Town Celebs And Their Most Cherished Holiday Destination

Kangana Ranaut-Paris:
Kangana Ranaut, being a romantic at heart and a fashionista, simply loves Paris. And it's her favourite honeymoon destination too. "Kangana wants to go to Paris for her honeymoon. She simply loves the place and whenever she has time, goes savouring the rich architecture and the culture of the city. The history and the culture of the place enthrall Kangana. She also travels around and surveys the various high-end designer stores of the city, as it is after all the fashion capital of the world. She simply can’t get enough of Paris," reports DNA. Kangna not just adores the 'City of love' but also loves to indulge in French delicacies the city offers.

Shahrukh Khan-London:
'The Baadshah of Bollywood,' Shahrukh Khan, is extremely fond of visiting London as often as possible. Every summer his family spends a long vacation in London and now that Aryan, his son, is studying there they have one more reason to visit.SRK expressed, "It's so nice to be in London," reports Digital Spy. "My favourite place and my favourite city in all ways and things that I like, including releasing the movie. My films belong here and so even if I hadn't come, you'd all enjoy the film," Khan added. The superstar now owns a place of his own in London.
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