Hottest B-Town Celebs And Their Most Cherished Holiday Destination

Anushka Sharma-Italy:
Anushka Sharma is one of those travelers who love holidaying all by herself at different destinations across the globe. Italy is her favorite destination where she enjoys the beaches and loves the experience. She drools over for Italian alleys, cuisine and men and said, "Italian men genuinely compliment women without making them uncomfortable, a trait which Indian men lack," reports Business Insider. "I had a great time across the beaches in Italy," she added.

Kareena Kapoor Khan-Switzerland:
Total serenity for Kareena Kapoor Khan is solely associated with the Alps in Switzerland. She exclaimed, "It's the snow. It keeps my mind off everything else and brings me a lot of peace," reports Notch. She finds it relaxing to be under the shadow of the impressive mountains at least once or twice a year. "I go to Switzerland after my shoots and before the promos of my forthcoming films," added Bebo. Bebo is so fond of Switzerland that she doesn't even mind having a house of her own there.
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