Incredible Sights of Camel Safari in India

Jaisalmir : The most famous and incomparable camel safari township of Jaisalmir is enclosed by the blonde sand banks which filled with desert, cobblestone streets and the medieval structural design.

Camel Safari in Jaisalmir will voyage to the place where tombs of Bhatti Rajput emperor positioned forenamed Badabagh and then to Baisakhi temple and shift the ride towards Ramkunds which was famous for its Hindu temples and then to township of Roopsi. A distinctive camel safari navigates to the architectural carcass of Lodurva place in the locality of Jaisalmir. The prices for the camel safaris differs every, still Rs. 700 to 800 per person where as the lengthy campsite will be approximately 3000rs.

Bikaner : The Bikaner city is recognized as the "Camel city" sites 333 km towards the north eastern sides of Jaisalmir. The city is celebrates its attractive camel safaris, material like carpet and its aromatic sweet and snacks.

Bikaner camel safari have day-long trips, morning and nightfall rides and day trip of more than two days and many additional extended trips as well. The rates of camel safaris in Bikaner are very reasonable where Rs. 500 and the longer tours preliminary from Rs. 1,400.The safari will starts from Bikaner along with the splendid vision of old Junagarh fort and Leh fortress. Towards the south, safari will take throughout the villages of Baru, Tadana, kansar, Naukh and Mohangarh.

Jodhpur : The most revolutionized town of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is one of the multinational cities that does not have desert panorama virtually but several number of deluxe and luminary desert safari practice can be made. The famous and gorgeous looking desert village Osian recites in the town where the travelers most wanted camp organize by the royal family, the Reggie's Camel camp in town. For the humble traveler's home stay such as the Hacr village, Ranakpur and Bishnoi village of India are highly suggested for unrivaled experiences.
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