India's 10 Exotic Beaches to Visit This Summer

Varca Beach, Goa: This beach is one of the best in Goa. Well this beach is best suited for the people who have a desire for a clean, quiet place to sit and relax. Famous yet peaceful this beach is devoid of any other noise but the sound of the waves of the Sea. The tranquility and serenity is the main attracting point of this beach. Feel the softness of the white sand and get lost into the vastness and music of nature. On the Varca Beach, the shacks standing there with all the Goan cuisines and delicacies welcome you. It's just you have to relax, breath and live.
om beach

OM Beach, Karnataka: It is considered as the holy and pure beach surrounded by the Shiva temples. Om beach derived its name from its design, as it resembles the holy Hindu symbol of Om. The clear waters and the scenic beauty around attract many here, and for summer it's a paradise. The spread of sparkling white sand makes the beach lovers spend more time here and get lazy. From this beach, there is another nearby beach called Kudle Beach, which is as refreshing and serene as Om Beach. It's the perfect blend of nature and spirituality
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