India's 10 Exotic Beaches to Visit This Summer

Kovalam Beach, Kerala: Also known as the lighthouse beach, Kovalam Beach is marvelous and clean. It is a perfect spot to get in touch with nature and her serenity. The beach has a massive rock that bounds the water and makes it calm and perfect for people to enjoy a relaxed bath. The beach is refreshing and ideal for a quiet peaceful family outing. You can soak into more of the tranquility during the night time by staying along the beach cottages present there. This beach provides you with the pure Kerala flavor of delicacies and the rich Ayurveda treatments.
karaikal beach

Karaikal Beach, Pondicherry: The clean glittering blue water of Bay of Bengal amazes and mesmerizes the tourists. The soft sand, foamy waters and grooving coconut trees weaves a magical world. The nights are more amazing with the appearance of stars and the moon and the frothily crazy waves. The sound of the waves in the night takes you into a different world. The peaceful sunrise and the quiet chirping sunsets are worth a view. It also provides with an amazing view of the confluence of Arasalar River and the Sea.
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