India's 10 Most Spectacular Highways

It's pretty clear that driving is an adventure that any one can't resist. And when it comes to Indian roads, there is bit of risk along with adventure. Every Indian driver has the raw experience of either a human or an animal or even a vehicle suddenly trying to cross the road when, he is least expecting it. Yes, Indian roads mean nerves of steel and calmness as low as the earth. What keeps Indian roads from other apart is its beauty and guaranteed riding pleasure. So get your car keys, fill up the tank and grab one of these roads which assure top notch adventure.

Mumbai - Pune Expressway
One of the oldest expressways in India, the Mumbai-Pune expressway is India's best expressway at hand. Truly not a simple engineering feat, this expressway has written fast, adventure and amazing all over it. To get the best of out it, it's recommended that you get out early in the morning to beat the traffic and if you have a good sports car, it will be even better. Finding gas stops and restaurants in this long highway is pretty easy, as it guarantees one of a lifetime experience.
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1: ugly south indians everywhere. Yuck.
Posted by: Jesusfukededall - 02 May, 2015
2: Please do visit these places in India...
Posted by: Acharya - 18 Jun, 2014
3: what about Gauhati Shillong Road Popular as GS ROAD
Posted by: D Purkayastha - 29 Sep, 2012
4: What about yamuna expressway 165 km
long from greater noida to agra
Posted by: s k verma - 28 Aug, 2012
5: its mentioned in the list
srishti replied to: s k verma post - 27 Dec, 2012
6: i think there is Yamuna expressway in the article...
GAlvin replied to: s k verma post - 28 Aug, 2012
7: really an interesting article....As India has so many good highways, its pretty hard to pick the 10 best
Posted by: Raven - 27 Aug, 2012
8: you did not even found a best highway in Andhra Pradesh?
Very Sad. Double check your posts when publishing them.
Posted by: UB - 25 Aug, 2012
9: there is no mention of any roads of rajasthan either. Road from Pokharan to jaislmer is an excellent one, straight road for around 40km stretch, no bends to turns and no speed breakers. and very less traffic. right through the dessert.
Abhijeet Sharan replied to: UB post - 21 Sep, 2012